Thursday, January 17, 2019

Location Directions and Staff

                                                         ZION CHURCH        



We are located in the heart of Louisville, in the Germantown area, west of the U of L about 1 mile. You can literally get here within about 15 minutes from any part of the city. You will find us just one block south of Eastern Parkway at the corner of E. Burnett Ave. and Minoma Ave.

There is plenty of parking on the street or in our parking lot on the west end of our campus.

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                                                                 Senior Pastor: Rev. Ted Wilson

"Pastor Ted" has been at Zion since July of 1997, moving here from Northeast Iowa where he was serving as a Pastor to a small rural church and as a Chaplain/Grief Counselor for Hospice. Ted and his wife Bonnie have three sons, and a grandson and grandaughter.  Since making his home in Louisville, Kentucky, he has been central in God's process of bringing life back into Zion Church. 

Our Pastor has a passion for reaching those in our community who have never been shown the love of Christ.  This family man has a big heart, and is dedicated to building the Kingdom of God above all else, which is apparent in all his decisions and actions.  He is always open to new techniques for getting the Gospel out, but doesn't compromise the truth contained in it.



             Pastoral Assistant/Youth Minister:                     Contemporary Worship Leader:     

               Paul Klausing                                                               Nathan Mitchell         



                                                                      Organist/Choir Director:

                                                                                Gretchen Laslie