Thursday, January 17, 2019

Great Christian Links

Here are some links that will challenge you, keep you informed and provide helpful information on the Christian community in general.


OnePlace.Com is a great Christian site. You can listen to just about any radio broadcast ministry, Christian radio station, you will find every sort of Christian music and a whole lot of other interesting information.

Promise Keepers has made a tremendous difference in the lives of many men, and consequently their families and communities. Several men from Zion have attended PK conferences and literally experienced their lives being changed by the Holy Spirit. They have a ton of resources at www.promisekeepers.org.

Interested in Christian resources for children?  Children Desiring God is a ministry that will help.   

Need help looking for something in the Bible? Check out this online Bible and concordance.

If you are looking for an excellent Bible study software, you will find none better than Logos.  This is the software Pastor Ted uses.

Got questions? Go to www.christiananswers.net or www.equip.org

The Evangelical Association helps churches connect and support one another.  They also provide ecclesial authorization for clergy.

Looking for Christian classics

Kairos Journal is a great website for information on reformed Christianity.

The Manhattan Declaration is a call to Christian Conscience.

Together for the Gospel is a site that will help you think more clearly about the veracity of the Gospel.  Be sure to watch the videos.

Women of Faith is a site aimed at helping women develop their spiritual life. It is full of devotional material, ideas, advise, shopping, etc.

Many people deal with loss and grief issues. A site for help with these very difficult challenges is at Rockies.net

Dawson Mcallister is a talk radio host for youth. Dawson speaks to kids problems with Biblical based solutions. Check it out. www.dawsonmcallister.com

Revive our Hearts has all kinds of resources for women!

The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals is an organization that promotes Biblical Christianity.


And Finally if you'd like to know more about crappie fishing - crappie.com is the site for you.


If you know of other interesting web sites you would like to share, go to our contact page and tell us about them. After review, we will consider adding them to this list.



 Family Ministries

Zion Church is committed to strengthening families!
Here is our list of top parenting Web sites.  We've checked them out, but we don't necessarily endorse each and every thing on every site.  Most are not specifically Christian sites.